Bookish by Olivia Hawthorne, Olivia Long #Review

Bookish by [Hawthorne, Olivia, Long, Olivia]My name is Aubrey Britton. I was your every day average nerdy book blogger, obsessed with the hot guys on the covers but lusting from afar. I knew I’d never meet a guy like the ones in my books, with muscles like that, with eyes like that, with a mouth like that.

I knew I was destined to be an old maid, get a bunch of cats, work at a book store and live in my fantasy world until the day I died.

Hot, steamy sex was something reserved for the girls in my books, not a girl like me.

Until the day I literally fell for Isaac James, the hottest man to grace the cover of any romance novel.

And he wanted a girl like me.

And he had muscles like that.

And eyes like that.

And a mouth like that…and was a filthy talking sex god in the bedroom.

But we both had our secrets and we both had our guarded pasts. When all was revealed, would the nerdy book blogger get the guy?

Or was I destined to be alone forever?

Rated 18+ for insta-love, filthy talk, dirty sex and swoon worthy descriptions of the hottest man in the world.

3 stars

Aubrey is a book blogger and she works in a bookstore. She lives with her aunt after the death of her parents and is happy to just read and live her life. Isaac James is a famous model and he graces lots of romance novel covers. They meet at a book event where Aubrey falls in front of his feet and they are immediately smitten with each other. A fairytale romance follows…. but of course that would be too simple a story. There is drama and heartache and pain.

I enjoyed the story but I admit I thought the drama a bit ott. Without spoiling too much, I think Isaac dropped the ball in Paris. Plus I wish Aubrey was a bit less gullible. She knew her friend Chloe was a bitch; I could see it coming for miles (even without the angsty foreshadowing). Still a good book, with hot hot hot scenes!




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