Blog Transformation for Busy Beautiful Bibliophiles

Good morning ladies!  Possibly gentlemen. 

Some of you have been following my blog from the very beginning, about a year or so now.  You have seen this blog be a little ADD at times, not really sure where it was going.  We started out with three reviewers and we have since moved to two reviewers and now we have finally come down to just me, Joy.  You will still be seeing reviews from Shannon from time to time, but she will be in more of a contributor role.  

Why all of these changes you may ask?

After a year of aimlessly posting reviews with no real goal in mind I have found who my target audience is… and essentially it’s me! The mom/woman on the go, that is trying to balance her schedule while also finding time to fit in time to relax an read a great book.  Reading is the ultimate escape, you can go anywhere at any moment, you can fall in love, be scared to death and just be whatever you want to be in that moment.  This blog is for you ladies!

Busy BB.png

I will be sharing my balancing tactics, helpful tools, and my favorite book for every occasion and season of life.  I want to be the go-to blog for the woman on the go!  I am hoping to delve into parenting books and books about boss women.  I’m going to reach out to other working women that I look up to bring you more insights and tips!


What you may not know about me is that I am a full time working single mom to a little 5 year old boy.  I have 100% custody, with no child support.  I run this blog to the best of my ability, and somehow manage to get by and enjoy a good book. I will not only be posting about books, but about the things my son, Hunter and I do for fun.

Me and H Resize.png

In the next week or two this blog will be moving to a new web address, I will be at I will make an announcement here and on social media.  I hope that you find these changes still fit with you.  Thank you for coming on this wonderful journey with me! Feel free to connect with me!

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