Review of Blank Canvas by Charlie Lee


Blank Canvas by Charlie Lee is Live!
It’s a Standalone Companion to their first book, The Hitchhiker


Take any preconceived notions you have from the first book by Charlie Lee and put them away. This book isn’t the same at all… although you have character crossover, it’s a whole different story from what I was expecting.

I thought that this story would have kind of be a long the same line as the first (and it is to an extent) this story is much much darker. There is a trigger warning and honestly, even if you don’t have this trigger it may give you nightmares and you probably won’t ever fully get this imagry out of your mind. I know that days later I still think about it from time to time and it breaks my heart that this actually someones reality.

This is Zeke’s story and this man will swoon you right out of your pants with the way the he genuinely, sincerely cares about Amelia. They can from different words but are both battling demons from comparable circumstances.

“I’m looking at you this way, because to me, there is more beauty on the inside of you than on the outside.”

This is a story of destruction, devotion, triumph and love. You will be put through the ringer! Buy it today and see if you will find a happily ever after.


Blank Canvas_ebook.jpg

I loved to draw and paint, throwing those spectacular colors across a blank canvas and turning it into something unique. Young, carefree, with the world in the palm of my hands. The options limitless.

My world ended the night the door creaked open. It was their first of many visits. Life as I knew it went blank. It became a survival game and counting my only solace to get through the pain.

It all became too much. I ran into the darkness of the night. That blank canvas long forgotten and uncomplete. The ways of the streets became my new home. Drugs and sex my new survival. Until one night, it all went too far.
I was happy to know the pain would finally end; welcomed being murdered in a lonely alley. All of the weight on my shoulders and vicious memories would be long forgotten once I took my final breath.
Life hates me, and I didn’t die. A second chance was handed to me, but what happens whenI don’t want it?
This time, I have the chance to make my own art.
One person’s Blank Canvas is another’s Graffiti.


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