Novel’s Now: Our April 5 Star Reads

We went through our posts from last month to find you all of our FIVE STAR reads for the month of April.  Have you read any of these? If not, one-click and settle in for a great read!

Boss Me, FANG by J.R. Pearson: Review Ι Amazon ← This novella will have you looking at paranormal romance in a whole different way! It hilarious and HOT!

Hate 2 Lovers by K. Webster & J.D. Hollyfield: Review Ι Amazon ← Roman and Andi are seriously great at the love/hate relationship. They are nothing short of frustratingly wonderful.

Lies We Tell by Kelly Hashaway: Review Ι Amazon ← This only has 8 reviews on Amazon, but it’s excellent and you need to read it if you are a fan of romantic suspense… I swear you will zero regrets!

Stealing Blue by D.P. Denman: Review Ι Amazon ← As this is the fourth book of the series, you must read the others first. You will love on Blue so hard! This is a M/M series.

Tempt the Boss by Natasha Madison: Review Ι Amazon ← The pranks between this couple are hysterical and will have tears in your eyes from laughing so hard!

The Banker by Piper Rayne: Review Ι Amazon ← This hero has a secret… but his secret will only make you love him more.  Also, they play this game at Starbucks that makes me love this couple so much more than I already had!

The Thing About Love by Julie James: Review Ι Amazon ← Hate is a passion, right? I know there’s a fine line between love and hate and these two are forced to walk it. The banter is great between all characters!

Trailer Trash by Denise Grover Swank: Review Ι Amazon ← You don’t have to read all of the Rose books to read this story, although it does help, but this story will rip your heart out and have you falling in love with Neely Kate all over again!

Twisted In You by Fabiola Francisco: Review Ι Amazon ← Be prepared to become beautifully broken and put back together with the glue of love. A must read!

Where Good Girls Go to Die by Holly Renee: Review Ι Amazon ← This story is had me liking things I never thought I would like in a book, the story telling was enthralling!

Who Needs Air by Cassie Graham: Review Ι Amazon ← This book needs to be read slowly and savored, don’t rush through this or might just miss a hidden gem!




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