Review of Who Needs Air by Cassie Graham


“He’s water and I’m air. So different, yet neither of us can live without the other. … I’ll drown in him if I allow myself and he might not survive without me.”

I never wanted to finish this story, although I wanted to know how it all ended. This story was so well thought out, and exceptionally written. This is one of the books you read it as slowly as possible so that you are able to savor each written word.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this book, the characters are so well developed that by the end they felt like old friends and we had grown up together. You will love with them, have your heart broken for them, rejoice, hate and just plain feel with them.

I love the idea of have my love story being such an epic story that it not only was a phenomenal selling book but also filmed for the big screen. I just adored everything about this story!

“I’d relive every bad day, every horrible plot twist and story-line change… if it meant I’d get my happily ever after right now.”


They fell in love at thirteen.
He wrote a book about it at twenty.
She watched him walk away at twenty-three.
And he made the New York Times Best Sellers list at twenty-four.

Campbell ‘Cam’ Potter stood idly by as August Wyatt took over the world one word at a time. Chapter by chapter, people fell in love with the story he created – the events she lived. And now the book was being made into a movie, it was only a matter of time before August was back in their small hometown in Georgia.

The problem was, when August left five years ago, Cam made a promise to herself. The ending in his book would be the conclusion to their story. There was no sequel, no second chance, no possibility of ever seeing him again. He obliterated her heart and she was determined to never let it happen again.

That is, until Cam gets a late night text from the heartbreaker himself.
New chapters are written, fresh storylines are explored and Cam and August find a familiarity in one another.

Sometimes THE END doesn’t mean it’s over.

Cassie Graham is a sassy redhead who lives in Arizona with her handsome husband and beautiful daughter. If she isn’t shoulder-deep in writing a book, you can find her watching Supernatural or reading a delicious romance by one of her many talented friends. She likes front porch sitting in her pink rocking chair, drinking Moscato, chocolate, reading books with her daughter and constantly dating her husband.

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