Boss Me, Fang by J.R. Pearson #Review


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These are my Happily Ever After Novel Thoughts…

What a great take on paranormal office romance. It’s funny, hot, and intriguing.

Veronica and Keeland are like magnets, strong attraction but if flipped become repellant. The best thing for them to do is stay on each other’s good side. They can cause enough destruction being together.

They are fierce and passionate in everything they do. That is true even in the office.

I love them and can’t wait to get back to Grimstone Isle. Come along for the journey and meet a wildly entertaining group of “monsters” as they search for their Happily Ever Afters.



Boss Me Fang Teaser


Two seemingly different supernaturals are about to shake up the small island in this new office romance that’s guaranteed to leave you thirsty for more.
Secret glances, a hot elevator encounter, and lots of cupcakes! Boss Me, FANG is not your average steamy–romp in the conference room–type of romance.

No, it’s got a little moooore…bite to it. 😉

Boss Me Fanger cover*Veronica

I can’t deny my boss is one hot motherf*cker. His tornado, rude attitude is a big ol’ billboard sign telling me to stay far in my lane.
However, there’s no avoiding the magic that surrounds Keeland Elwood, nor his natural allure of sex appeal because I literally can’t.
I’m his assistant.
And apparently, I’m the only who can tame the beast behind the desk. Shit is going down in the office (Sorry, I don’t mean him on me just yet.) And hopefully the stunt I’m trying to pull will save a deal gone horribly wrong and NOT cause Keeland to destroy a small village and end my career.


There’s so much a man can do to steer clear of a woman who is the star of his every hot and sweaty fantasy.
It takes even greater strength when the woman in question is his assistant.
For the next seventy-two hours I’m about to be left in the midst of two battles.
One of which i’m on the verge of losing that involves my company and the other?
Well, that assistant I was talking about?
She’s a dark mistress, a wicked woman who’s sure to leave me on my knees.

And I’m okay with not getting back up.


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