Why’s of Romance with my girl crush Jennifer Lawrence… kind of.. gifs of her, but that’s the best I can do!

There are some things that always seem to be the same in romance… and I want to know WHY! I know there are some exceptions … but the vast majority follow these rules.

 photo giphy 2_zpsrkn0n358.gif

1. Why is the heroine always hard up for sex, I swear it seems like that haven’t had sex in ages… how many times can we make jokes about the h having cobwebs in her hoohaw before we get tired of it?  I mean, how many single women aren’t get laid on the regular these days?

 photo giphy 8_zpsx62npb3p.gif

2. Why must the heroine ALWAYS swallow??? I mean.. seriously, I’m a thirty year old woman and I have NEVER swallowed in my life… Do these authors really swallow cum every time they give a blow job or do they write this in case a man reads their book?  Or is it just too sloppy have the chick go spitting the man’s wad?

 photo giphy 3_zpseasgkfqm.gif

 3. How about… why don’t heroes just… pull out? I know I’m not the only one who used this a birth control method for years! Oh.. sorry girl.. I don’t have a condom.. and you aren’t on the pill so.. oral only. Psych. Yeah right! Give me that dick, fool! Just pull out before you come… Just me? Huh? Maybe those guys weren’t really allergic to latex… food for thought I suppose… 

 photo giphy 9_zps6i6slwli.gif

4. Why aren’t these heroes ever uncircumcised… okay… it never really says one way or the other, but I’m going to have to assume they have been cut, because lets be real here… uncircumcised cocks are FUN! I mean.. you can play hide & go seek, peek-a-boo and pretend the dick is a turtle.  So, since these ladies aren’t doing these fun things… I’m going to assume these hero were cut. Let’s get some uncut heroes!

 photo giphy 1_zpsxaqusfea.gif


What WHY’s of Romance stump you? I’d love to hear your feedback!



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