Author Anonymous: Part 3 – S.T. Abby

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We have, virtually, met up with 4 authors who have kept their identity hidden; two solo writers and two duos. You may be familiar with these authors or they might be new to you, either way, we hope you find some new reads and enjoy trying to figure who these authors are.


What made you decide to write under a pen name AND keep your identity hidden?

I actually have another pen name that I write under for my rom com in which my identity is not a secret—I even do signings. I like the freedom to write some of the crazier stories in my head with this name, without anyone expecting the large splashes of humor they get with my other pen.

Does your family or friends know you write?

My entire family does. And friends too, for the most part. Both of my sisters read all my books.

Do you feel there are any disadvantages to keeping your identity hidden?

Yes…I can’t draw off the fan base that made me a USA Today bestseller without exposing my new pen. So it’s like starting all over. And that’s not easy. Lol

Do you think you will ever come forward with your identity?

Perhaps. It depends on how the new line of books do without my other pen’s help.

Have you ever witnessed someone reading your book in public and felt compelled to tell them you wrote it?

My other books, yes. It’s happened twice. But I just smiled and walked on, never introducing myself. Only because I wanted to give the reader their privacy, since my books from both names are considered risqué.

Meet S.T. Abby and follow her on social networks!

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Next Tuesday, Words, I Need Words, will have  Part 4 of Author Anonymous! 
Stay Tuned…

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