Author Anonymous: Part 1 – Kennedy Fox

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We have, virtually, met up with 4 authors who have kept their identity hidden; two solo writers and two duos. You may be familiar with these authors or they might be new to you, either way, we hope you find some new reads and enjoy trying to figure who these authors are.

What made you decide to write under a pen name AND keep your identity hidden?

We wanted our work to speak for itself without a name behind it.

Does your family or friends know you write?


Do you feel there are any disadvantages to keeping your identity hidden?

It’s hard to keep it from friends who we’ve built friendships with previously, but we know they’d understand. Not being able to do live videos or post pictures together is another one, but the goal was to start fresh, so that meant starting completely over. Another disadvantage is REMEMBERING you are the pen name and that you cannot message people under your real name (Heart attack moment when you almost do!)

Do you think you will ever come forward with your identity?

The goal is to keep everything as it is now, but we never say never. It’s possible!

Do you write alone or do you have a writing partner?

Yes! We often refer to each other as K & F so our readers can keep us apart online.

If you work with a writing partner, how did you meet?

We had a mutual passion for something outside of the literary world. But we had met at signings previously.

Have you ever witnessed someone reading your book in public and felt compelled to tell them you wrote it?

No, but we do see people online chatting about our books and are compelled to tell them, but it’s just easier to allow our words to continue to speak for themselves.

Meet Kennedy Fox and follow them on social networks!

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Next Tuesday, Words, I Need Words, will have  Part 2 of Author Anonymous! 
Stay Tuned…


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