4 thoughts on HUGE X4 by Stephanie Brother


I found this book when I was perusing the Top 100 Paid books on Amazon, I was instantly intrigued, because I had to know how ‘MMFMM’ would work… I mean, it’s two sets of twins, so you wouldn’t think they would be banging each other, but I was still so curious, and we all know that… ‘cats’ are curious.  This isn’t going to be my typical review. I’m going to give you a few thoughts on the menage of this specific book.

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1.The guys ‘shared’ her, there was zero double penetration. Although, she did take one of the other brothers in her mouth while she as being banged by the others, if that counts as DP. I really loved how all of the guys watched and played with her while she was with one of the others. All of the attention was on her, it wasn’t about them in that moment.

“Four men who are all so different but feel so right. Four men who I trust with my life and my heart. Four men who I’m going to give myself to and damn the consequences.” 

 2. I was surprised that not once was the lower hole breached. It was touched, yes, but not much as far as anal play goes. I don’t read much as far as erotica goes, but I figured if a lot of romance novels were moving toward anal play that for sure erotica was. I’m okay with there not being, but.. it’s kind of my guilty pleasure. (Uhh reading it… not actually doing it it lol)

“I’m not going to f*** you there,” he says. “Well, not tonight. Just let me rub you. It’ll feel good.”

Huge X4.png

3.  This book has really made me want to interview twins, to see if this stuff actually happens, or if it is all just fantasy. I mean, I know most twins are close, but I really want to know how many are this close. I think it would be a highly entertaining and super erotic interview… so if you know a set of twins that are into this and want to be interviewed , holla at your girl!

“Plus they’re identical twins so they’re used to doing everything together”

4. You know from the synopsis on amazon that you will get your ‘happily ever after’ so, I honestly had to skip to the end to see how this would happen, and this might be a spoiler, but not really, so read with caution. I was wondering how they would have babies, and what they decided was that each brother would get a turn to conceive with her. She would sleep with just him until she got pregnant starting with the oldest brother and working to the youngest brother. I loved that and I wish we would have skipped farther into the future to know her total kid count! (So far she is at 2, a set of boy twins.)

“Do I have any idea who the daddy is? Well, the answer to that is yes.”

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coverI’m thinking naughty thoughts about the best men.
It’s my sister’s wedding and I know I shouldn’t be fantasizing about the identical twins who are standing next to my brother-in-law-to-be, but I can’t help myself.
They are totally gorgeous with their steel gray eyes and bodies that make my lady parts clench. Tall and broad, it’s all I can do to keep upright in their presence.

Fantasies are one thing, but reality is a whole other ball game. I’m done with making stupid mistakes over men. I might enjoy imagining Callum and Liam giving me a wedding night to remember, but that’s as far as it goes.

I can’t let them remind me who I was before Brad stole my sparkle.

I can’t let them show me how it feels to be worshiped.

I certainly can’t let them bring my naughtiest fantasies to life.

Or can I?

And as if that wasn’t crazy enough, their younger twin brothers Matty and Ryan arrive for a surprise family holiday and suddenly I’m caught between 4 rock-hard places!

It might be a cliché for the maid of honor to hook up with the best man, but it’s so much hotter when there are two! Add in the bonus twins and this lucky maid is about to experience a Caribbean adventure she is never going to forget. MMFMM romance. These sexy men are all about showing their woman the time of her life! Happy ever after guaranteed. Well, there are four of them! It’s pretty much a given!

Author note – this is a fantastical romance full of hot sex and real feelings. If multiple love relationships are not your thing, then leave Huge X4 to the naughty ladies who love them!60,000 words. Includes Escape – A Stepbrother Romance for your continued reading pleasure.



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