In the Bag (A Celeste Eagan Mystery #2) by Emery Harper


I loved the first Celeste-mystery, so I was anxious to see if the second would be as good. And it is!

Celeste has a birthday coming up, but first she is again confronted with a murder. Her BFF Levi has called her for help, but when she arrives at one of his properties she finds him with a body and a bloodied hammer… just in time for the police to arrest him and suspect her of being an accomplice. Shaw Muldoon, the detective and her might-be boyfriend asks her to keep out of and far away from investigating. And she does (try to) until a second murder.

I was a bit disappointed at first that Celeste’s relationship with Muldoon had not really developed since book 1. But it is explained in the book why, and there is enough of Muldoon to keep me happy. The mystery and the characters in the book were entertaining and of course Celeste keeps getting smack in the middle of things.

I am looking forward to another Celeste Eagan book!


in-the-bagLife as the principal actress at the Peytonville Playhouse is all I ever thought it’d be—and more. I’m practically living the bohemian dream, until my BFF Levi finds a dead body on his property. And is swiftly arrested for murder.

Detective Shaw Muldoon is my almost-but-not-quite-there-yet beau. He knows me. He knows Levi. He knows neither of us is capable of something so heinous. And he knows that despite his strict orders to leave the case with the professionals, I’ll launch my own investigation to clear Levi’s name.

One more gruesome murder: check.

A dubious bakery owner who’s taken a fancy to me: check.

This season’s “it” handbag practically falling into my lap: check.

Levi’s up the creek if I don’t uncover the truth…but my investigation has put me firmly in the murderer’s sights.

Life in danger: check.

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