Vicious by L.J. Shen #Review


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“He was light in a dark fog. But I new better than everyone how bad the gorgeous dancing flames in him could burn.”

Vicious is the ultimate a-hole alpha, when he was in high school, even ten years later as an adult. You want to hate him so badly, but small things smattered throughout the beginning shed light on what makes him tick and you begin to fall for him, even though you desperately don’t want to. You want to hate him for the evil, vindictive things he has done.

“The girl who lived off cheap cars and wore four year old shoes but never once fawned over my big mansion and glitzy car.”

Amelia is sassy and sweet when she wasn’t being pushed and bullied by Vicious, she was always trying to stand up to him and she would at times, but there was just something about him that brought her defenses down and she couldn’t resist.

“Love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances. The passion is the same. The pain is the same.”

These two has such a passionate love hate relationship throughout the book that even I couldn’t decide if I loved or hated them. I love how LJ just toyed with my emotions throughout the entire novel, the highs and lows, the push and pull. I couldn’t put this down for the fear of the book continuing when I wasn’t there to be with them.

If you want to see David(Emilia) bring down Goliath(Vic) in the most spell bounding way, pick up this book today!




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