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This book was sweet and has spicy! Low on angst, and high on drama. I loved it! This is Arabella’s first novel as her alter ego and she nailed it!

If you are looking for a lot of steamy scenes, you will not be finding it in this book. There is some steam, but not throughout! It had hand holding and cuddling and it so damn sweet!

I don’t read many college romances, but when I do I crave the drama and this had DRAMA! Gah, I just crave it in these books. The catty girls, the crazy best friends, the drunken parties. Really embracing my entire college existence!

Taj is broody as hell and a little strange when you first meet him but you will and adore him by the end of the book. Skye, is smart and hard worker who doesn’t take anyone’s shit.

I will be looking forward to reading more of Arabella’s books!


Title: Startling
Author: Arabella Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 5

SynopsisThree dares.
To be carried out in one night, on the same guy.
Lick him. Kiss him. Punch him.
I didn’t object.
After all, it was the last night before leaving for college, and I’d never see him again.
Or so I thought.
He was standing there, staring at me. I had no idea know who he was.
Until I noticed those lips. I could never forget those lips. No matter how many nights had passed. No matter how hard I’d tried to eliminate them from my mind.
How could one single kiss brand you with such depth and intensity? Without even knowing the person, let alone seeing his face.
It started off as a dare, now I’m afraid of what’s to come.
Because those lips shouldn’t be legal.


Pure passion. Beautiful sexy couple portrait. Model man with his girlfriend posing together.

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About the Author


Once upon a time I was a bestselling Author of dark romantic suspense. Now I’ve decided to play in another genre as my alter ego, Arabella Rose…

Arabella Rose is a writer of all things sweet, romance, with a touch of angst. Her books won’t take you forever to read, so sit back and enjoy one sweet story at a time.
She loves all things makeup, dress’s, and of course shoes.

Website * Facebook * Instagram * Twitter

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