No Living Soul (Lexi Carmichael Mystery #9) by Julie Moffett #Review

no-living-soulAlthough I never expected it, my work as a computer geek has me traveling around the world, solving mysteries and fighting bad guys. Sometimes with my friends, but always with trouble by my side. So you’d think by now, I would’ve expected to be plagued by danger when I headed to Egypt with my best friend, Elvis Zimmerman, and boyfriend, Slash, to help track down Elvis’s missing and estranged father. Nope.

Genius runs in the family, and we quickly discovered Elvis’s father is hot on the trail of an ancient and elusive artifact. One that people are willing to kill to find. Tombs, tablets, scarabs, and code come together as we follow a set of clues that has been waiting millennia to be discovered. Cracking code is my speciality, but I never expected to tackle one from fifteen hundred years before the advent of written language.

But the sands of time are running out. We are facing death as it was before the pyramids even existed. If the artifact falls into the wrong hands, we won’t be able to rewrite history. So it’s up to us to find and safeguard the secret to ensure no living soul ever encounters it…again.


Already the 9th Lexi Carmichael book and they keep up the great pace and plotting.

It is just before the wedding of Basia and Xavier and Lexi is packing up to move to her new home, with Slash. I love how their relationship is building and how well he knows her. There are some hilarious moments in the first chapters, before another adventure starts brewing. 

Elvis has received a package from his long-absent father and the contents are enough to raise alarm bells and have Elvis, Lexi and Slash flying to Egypt to find Mr Zimmermann. With them travels a new character, Gwen. She is a colleague of Elvis and a big fan of Lexi 🙂  I won’t spoil too much about that. I liked Gwen a lot. 

I was – again – amazed at the research that must have gone into this book. I could not stop reading as the story moved on in a fast pace. I have been to Egypt once a long time ago but it seemed spot on to me. The story is once more a nice mix of adventure and personal growth. 

We learn more about Elvis and there are some wonderful moments between Lexi and Slash. I feel Lexi is still growing and changing and I love her!



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