The Undercover Witch by Gina LaManna #Review



If you have read Gina’s Magic and Mixology series, then you already had the opportunity to meet Aisnley and if you haven’t this as good of place as any to jump and see what everyone is raving about.

“…books had their own sort of magic” – Ainsley

And boy was this book full of magic! I don’t know how Gina is able to create these paranormal worlds and spin her words to make you believe what you are reading is in fact a hidden reality that you are not privileged enough to be included in.

The humor and love in this story are on point, it’s a little lighter than the other Magic & Mixology books, but it is a fun read and the magical ideas are amazing. The allure of the library sensational, what I wouldn’t give to have one hour in the enchanting place.

I adored Ainsley’s family, her father, at times reminded me of Belle’s father from Beauty and the Beast, with all of his inventions. Her mother, was overbearing at times, but really… what mother isn’t?

If you are looking for mystical story that will make you laugh, swoon, and be immersed in an enchanted world, look no further, you have found what you are looking for.


These are my Happily Ever After Novel Thoughts…What a great start to a spinoff series! We first met Ainsley in Hex on the Beach as Lily Locke’s assistant. Now we get to dove into her life after she successfully ends her job with Lily.

I love Ainsley and the way she thinks. She is a breathe of fresh air. Her father is quite a delusional genius as well and the pair of them are perfect together as only a day and his girl can be.

Grab your magical broomstick and fly into Ainsley’s life! Trust me, she’ll welcome you with a smile on her face and a Happily Ever After quip from her lips.




undercover-witch-coverMy mother says trouble began the day I was born, but I’d disagree. I think trouble started the day I crashed my broomstick into an undercover cop car.

My name is Ainsley Shaw, and I’m a Guardian Witch. The title sounds fancier than it is—really, I’m a glorified bodyguard for magical people. I love my job, and I’m good at it… most days.

Except today. While I was flying around town on my broomstick thinking about life, love, and the latest episode of The Bachelor, I zoned out and ran smack dab into the taillights of a speeding police cruiser. Unfortunately, the man inside was a human cop, which made explaining how I appeared from thin air in the middle of a crime scene a bit of a challenge.

Now, the police think I’m trouble—not least of all Detective Hotterson, the one responsible for denting my shiny new broomstick. Which means that if I can’t find the real bad guys before I’m put in jail, I’ll be locked away for a crime I didn’t commit.

However, when magic is involved, things are never as simple as they appear…



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