Christmas with the Cunninghams by Julianna Marley is #LIVE! #Review


Want a sweet holiday novella to warm you up?
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cwtc-finalAsheley’s Novel Thoughts:

This book is the definition of the perfect family Christmas!

I loved the continuing story of Shay and Whitney and this story gave me a warm Christmas feeling. Everyone wishes their Family Christmases were as perfect as the Cunningham’s!

This was a sweet story continuing on from when Shay proposes to Whitney. My only comment is that it wasn’t long enough! Lol it totally left me wanting more! I love these characters and I was sad to get to the end. I am excited for the next book already!


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Shay Cunningham has some big news to announce. Not only did he just lead his national football team into the playoffs, but he’s bringing home his new fiancé and her daughter for Christmas. With a father recovering from back surgery, a painfully pregnant sister-in-law and eight rambunctious nieces and nephews all under one roof, what could possibly go wrong?

Whitney Scott cannot wait to spend Christmas day with her new large, lively and loving family now that Shay made all her dreams came true less than twenty-four hours ago. But when this family gets together, things always seem to heat up.

Join Shay and Whitney as they spend their first Christmas together. It’s time to deck the halls, rock around the Christmas tree and enjoy a (not so) silent night.


About the Author:

Julianna Marley is fairly certain that she was born on the wrong side of the Mason-Dixon line. She’s in constant search of warmth, sunshine and water. When not writing about all the places she yearns to be, she can be found enjoying obnoxious amounts of coffee and getting bossed around by a four year-old. Julianna loves romance, humor and football.

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