The Monday Girl by Julie Johnson #Live #Review


Kat Firestone is my spirit animal!

I swear we are one in the same, she is jaded when it comes to love and dating. The rants she has in her head are so on point, I found myself wanting to say preach it, sister! I’ve been there. I’ve dated the ‘man child’. She just nails dating in the age of technology. She has never truly fallen in love.

“To those who would love me – I offer you a warning. Do no get to close. You won’s survive.” – Kat Firestone

You meet Wyatt Hastings, the director who discovered Kat, he is Hollywood royalty by blood. He is a happy, charismatic man that will pull you in. He is happy and a beacon of light.

“Choose sunshine, baby. Always choose sunshine” – Wyatt Hastings

You meet Grayson Dunn, the big action film star in Hollywood, who is a ‘faker’, who changes to be what those around you want him to be. He is the antithesis of Wyatt.

“Falling for a guy like Grayson Dunn is like trying to wait out a hurricane by taking shelter in the eye of the storm.” – In regards to Grayson Dunn

This book was so well written, I felt what Kat felt, I was her and she was me. Her joy, her grief her heartbreak. When she fell I fell. I don’t even have all of the words to explain how much or why I enjoyed this book as much as I did. But I loved it and you need to read it.

“And, for a while, I’m happy. Obnoxiously happy. Disgustingly happy. Fall-asleep-with-a-grin-on-my-face happy. An then, quite abruptly… I’m not.” – Kat Firestone

This is a duet, and which means there is a cliffhanger and February can’t get here fast enough!

“If I were a day in his schedule, I would undoubtedly be Monday. An afterthought to an otherwise exciting weekend. Something to simply trudge through on your way to better things ahead. I was his Monday girl.”






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