Fake Off by Michelle McLoughney

Fake Off Teaser.pngI LOVED this book! I couldn’t put it down. I devoured it. I laughed so hard I was in tears! I started to highlight and then I realized if I kept it up I would have highlighted the entire book.

You have Polly Doyle who you can’t help but love, she has gotten herself in a peculiar situation, but it just fits her. “if weird were a human it would be her.” She is hilarious and you will want to be her friend. And her roommate is freaking great!

Keane is sweet if not a little irritating at times, but you know.. he’s a guy so that happens.

“Let’s make something sweet and sinful together Polly Doyle.”

And boy do they! This book is both of those things and more. You don’t get much of the bake off competition it’s more about their relationship and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This book will have you laughing right off the bat and you won’t stop until the book is over.

This is my top romcom of 2016! Grab it today!




Polly Doyle hates her job, her life, and being stuck in her home town. Being a twenty-something, newly single, phone-sex operator isn’t exactly where she saw herself on career day. When Polly lands a spot on the popular TV show, The Bake Off, she vows to win. Baking is her passion and her ticket out of Cavern’s Bend. There’s just one, very big man-shaped problem. It’s couples year. Polly doesn’t want a man, but for the first time in her life, she needs one. Faking it for a living comes naturally to Polly. Faking The Bake Off, should be a piece of cake. If only her fake boyfriend wasn’t so edible, so hot, and so damn infuriating!Keane Marshall loves his job, his life, and moving back to his home town is the icing on the cake. Being a twenty-something, newly single chef of the hottest restaurant in Cavern’s Bend, is exactly where he wants to be. Until he gets roped into a competition with a woman he hoped he’d never see again. Polly Doyle was the first girl he ever wanted. The first girl he fell in love with. And the girl who sucker punched him into 6th grade infamy. Faking The Bake Off should be a piece of cake. If only his fake girlfriend wasn’t so sinfully spicy, so teeth tingling sweet, and so damn infuriating!

A spoonful of sugar, and a whole lot of spice.
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Author Bio

Michelle McLoughney is an Irish author and child prodigy. That’s a lie. As a child she pretended she was a prodigy, and also that her father was Ming the Merciless. Thus, a career in fiction was born, or, lying for a living. Whatever. Michelle writes books that have hot men and kick ass heroines. Also, books that have hot women and kick ass women. There’s a theme running here somewhere! Probably that hot kickass women should rule the world. Michelle likes cake and pie. In fact she has never met a cake that she didn’t like, first world problems. Please connect with Michelle in any way you’d like. She’s a Facebook regular and appreciates the feedback. And cake. Send cake.

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