30 Under 30 – Indie Authors

wp-1479684860060.jpgYou may have noticed that some of the movers and shakers in the indie book industry are young. We have found 30 men and women ranging in age from 21 to 30 years old. Some of these authors you may have read, want to read, or may be new to you authors. These authors write a range of books, from cozy mysteries, romantic comedies, m/m, romantic suspense, ugly cries, and more. I guarantee you will find at least one new book to love from this list. There are many more authors out there in this age range we would have loved to feature, just know that those authors are still loved by us, but we had to make decisions and these authors came out on top for us.

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Click on the authors name to be directed to their Facebook page/ website and click on the title to be directed to Amazon.  This post may contain affiliate links to help support this blog.

30 Under 30

  1. J.R. Pearson, 21 Author of, A Little FANG Never Hurt Anybody

  2. Emma Hart, 23 Author of, Being Brooke 

  3. Micalea Smeltzer, 23 Author of, When Stars Collide

  4. J.L. Beck, 24 Author of, Dirty Deeds

  5. Carrie Aarons, 25 Author of, Red Card

  6. Julie Johnson, 25 Author of, The Monday Girl 

  7. Sasha Brummer, 25 Author of, Blended

  8. Rachel Schneider, 25 Author of, Taking Mine

  9. Teagan Hunter, 25 Author of, Here’s To Now

  10. R.S. Grey, 26 Author of, A Place in the Sun

  11. Gina LaManna, 27 Author of, Hex on the Beach

  12. Kandi Steiner, 27 Author of, A Love Letter to Whiskey

  13. L.P. Lovell, 27 Author of, Kill Me

  14. Seth King, 27 Author of, Straight

  15. K.A. Linde, 28 Author of, Off the Record

  16. Kristen Hope Mazzola, 28 Author of, Hat Trick

  17. Molly McAdams, 28 Author of, I See You

  18. Ashley Christin, 29 Author of, Strong Hate

  19. Brittainy Cherry, 29 Author of, The Silent Waters

  20. Cassie Graham, 29 Author of, Enchanting Wilder

  21. Cora Carmack, 29 Author of, Roar

  22. David Michael, 29 Author of, Preston

  23. Fiona Cole, 29 Author of, Deny Me

  24. Jennifer Blackwood, 29 Author of, The Rule Book

  25. K.P. Haigh, 29 Author of, Mr. Sportsball

  26. Magan Vernon, 29 Author of, Rumor Has It

  27. Portia Moore, 29 Author of, If I Break

  28. L.H. Cosway, 30 Author of , The Heart Series

  29. L.J. Shen, 30 Author of, Sparrow

  30. Meghan Quinn, 30 Author of, Mother Road


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