Strong Hate by R.D. Berg & Ashley Christin #Review #BuddyRead



This the first book that I have read from either of these authors and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I knew I loved their online personae and they both live near me. So those things combined with the blurb instantly had me wanting to read this one.

“I know my hate used to be strong, but my love could bend steel.”

This book. Hmm… where to begin. It is laugh out loud hilarious and I believe that everyone will be able to relate to either the characters or the situations they find themselves in.

The banter between Maverick and Lundyn… on freaking point! The passion they had between each was phenomenal.

“It’s a thin line we’re walking and on one side lust and hate mingle where as the other side could hold the promise of safety and love.”

The side characters in this novel, Finn and Harlow are just as magnetic as the lead characters and by the end of the novel you are going to by DYING for more of these characters. Their stories need to be told.



These are my Happily Ever After Novel Thoughts…

O.M.B.H.!!!! I need there to be another story!! Please, please, please tell me we will be getting a follow up story!!

This book is hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing, well I take that back. When I wasn’t frustrated with Maverick and Lundyn, I was laughing.

While reading this story, I experienced several mood changes; happy, frustrated, excited, and flabbergasted. I was also surprised to see that it is a setup cliffhanger.

As integral side characters, Lundyn’s best friend, Harlowe, and Maverick’s best friend, Finn, need to have their own stories told. They have a lot more going on in their lives than what we’ve seen. I know they would be just as interesting.

A must read if you want a great Rom-Com with a possible Happily Ever After.



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