Lights Out by B.R. Paulson, Jill Cooper

Lights Out by [Paulson, B.R., Cooper, Jill]When an alcoholic doctor and guilt-plagued nurse are stalked by a vengeful mother during one of the worst storms in the region’s history, an entire town’s survival hangs in the balance.

After a botched emergency C-section, Terri lost her son. With her marriage a wreck, Terri holds the hospital staff responsible for destroying every aspect of her life and will exact revenge as the snow pours down.

Karen was in the surgical room when it all went down. She has the evidence to prove Terri’s story of corruption and medical malpractice. Instead, Karen falsifies the records in exchange for a briefcase full of cash she needs to save her parents. The guilt of her actions and what she protected erodes her life and brings her to the brink. As the storm rolls in, Karen succumbs to her guilt, ready to set the record straight—but will she get her chance? She’s at the top of Terri’s list.

As residents are stranded and seek shelter, the power goes out all over town and provides the perfect cover.

Those that know Terri the best—fear the worst.

Terri, a survival wilderness expert, will take to the snow to exact her revenge and to hell with anyone who gets in her way.

Sandpoint, Idaho is about to be put on notice by a grief-stricken mother without a child and the residents will never be the same. Get lost in the storm and purchase Light’s Out today!

5 stars

These are my Happily Ever After Novel Thoughts…

The first word that comes to mind is psychopath, but it would be incorrect.

Terri had everything she wanted until she lost it all with the death of her baby.

Suffering from PTSD, she sets out to seek revenge on those she feels responsible for his death. It is a wild and crazy ride with you thinking “What the…”.

I don’t want to dive too deep into the book during this review because I may inadvertently give away a spoiler or two. But, I will tell you this, I was afraid while reading this book. Afraid for Terri herself and the people she was seeking vengeance on.

I didn’t want to put it down, but I had to sleep at some point.

This is a very dark book told from multiple POVs.

I can’t however guarantee a Happily Ever After for you in this book.


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