The Hard Sell by Lulu Wright #Review


Lily Brook works in men’s underwear, but she would love to get Jack Stewart out of his.

The Hard Sell by [Wright, Lulu]Lily hasn’t dated anyone worth writing home about for years. So when she meets the impossible and impossibly handsome Jack Stewart–well, you could say he piques her interest. It doesn’t matter that he’s the cockiest asshole this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

Jack Stewart is destined for success. With his designer suits, intense hazel eyes, and penthouse apartment, he’s the total package. But he’s also the manager of Hamilton’s Department Store–the store where Lily could make or break her career. He would never fraternize with an employee. And there’s no way in hell Lily would risk her job on the hottest guy in Philadelphia. Right?

But she can’t stop imagining what he’d look like in a pair of Flash Fit’s sexy male underwear…

He shouldn’t dip his wick in the company’s ink, but he can’t resist Lily’s curvaceous body and wacky charm. He wants Lily–in the break room, the dressing area, everywhere.

Making a move on Jack could end her career. But can Lily resist his Hard Sell?


4 stars

Lily is sent to Hamilton’s department store to straighten the Flash Fit men’s underwear department before Hamilton’s will toss them out. On her first day she is confronted with Jack Stewart, the department manager, after they bump into each other and get off on the wrong foot.

Lily and Jack bicker and banter and finally get it on. But Jack has secrets that could break them apart.

Enjoyable story, bit lagging in the beginning but great once it took off. Great chemistry when they gave in to their attraction, but the store scenes could have had a bit more zing.

Great debut.

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