Hard Up: A Military Mafia Romance by Vivian Wood #Review

Hard Up: A Military Mafia Romance by [Wood, Vivian]Synopsis:

Callum Connor lives by one code — kill or be killed.

Only two things matter to Callum Connor – his gang, the Black Saints, and himself. When the former SEAL isn’t protecting The Family or gunning down made made men, he’s burning his way through the women in Savannah.

Even though he knows not to sh*t where he eats, one night he finds himself with his smoking hot bartender, Viola. She’s nails-down-the-back, screaming-his-name kind amazing, but Callum has a rule: no f*cking the same woman twice.

If only he could forget that night.

Until an armed gunman comes into her bar, and Viola saves Callum’s life when she shoots him where he stands. With the Valetti Family after the two of them, Callum has no choice but to protect the fiesty, beautiful hellcat.

Not that Viola’s interested. She’s sooner be stuck with a hungry grizzly bear, but Callum knows that without him by her side, she’s as good as dead.

The tension between them is more than they can handle. She’s fiery and independent, and she makes his protective side come out. Too bad all he can think about is her smart mouth wrapped around the one part of him that just won’t go down.

Hot damn.

When her walls come down and he gets the truth out, will he have the guts to keep what he loves?

Either way, Callum is HARD UP.

This book contains graphic violence, adult language, a lots of naughty behavior. For a limited time, get a BONUS BOOK — Vivian Wood’s Protection — when you buy Hard Up!



5 stars

Here are my Happily Ever After Novel Thoughts…

First of all, let me say I was really surprised to have two separate stories in this book. They are both beautiful stories and prove that love can conquer all.

In the first half, Hard Up, you meet Callum and Viola. They are as different as night and day, or are they? Connor is a mafia footsoldier and Vi is a bartender. When a wiseguy shows up at the bar, things start to get a bit dicey but then the flood gates open and choas reigns supreme. Hurdling one obstacle after another and trying to come to terms with their feelings, they are having a hard time staying alive.

In the second half, Vivian Wood’s Protection, you meet Connor and Elly. Connor is a security specialist and Elly is a pop star. When a stalker stays harassing Elly, her tour sponsors insist she has bodyguards. Not a match made in heaven!

I thoroughly enjoyed these stories and this book as a whole. It was an intense ride, not just emotionally but physically as well. There are some “awwww” moments, but there are a lot more “What the…” moments.
I found myself getting upset with every character in this book at some point or another. As soon as you think they are figuring things out, they act like real people and let their heads overrule their hearts. There are so many reasons “to not” and seemingly only one reason “to be.”

The first story was definitely the hard hitting, action packed, rough ’em up mafia story, while the second was the head and heart battle of everyday life.

Give this book a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. You better hurry, though, if you want both books in one! Only 99 pennies or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!!


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