Penny in London by Fisher Amelie #Review


You know how everyone says when one door closes another one opens? At the time, you findcover this statement obnoxious as all get out because a) you don’t really know what the future holds, it certainly hasn’t been a cakewalk so far, and b) the thought of change is unbearable. You feel like your life is falling apart and everyone around is feeding you clichés like they’re made out of kale or quinoa or whatever the trend health food is right now. You don’t want kale clichés, you want double-chocolate fudge realisms, and you want them now. You just want things the way they were, but then something happens, a moment, an instant that sets you out on a path toward happiness you never knew could exist, and suddenly you think, huh, I don’t think I want double-chocolate fudge anymore. I think I’m in the mood for this heaping serving of strawberry cheesecake sitting in front of me…with a side of kale. And a pair of split pants, but we won’t get into that right now.

Graham Glenn may have tossed her in, but Oliver Finn made her feel again. 

5 stars

This novel is sort of broken down in sections, or stages, of grief. Although, it does have some turmoil from the loss of love and heartbreak and other deeper issues (not from our leading lady) you will still laugh and have a good time.

You will want to throat punch Penny’s ex and fall in love with his best friend. You will be frustrated at times and want to knock sense into Penny, but at the same time you will completely understand where she is coming from so you will be conflicted.

I was sighing and huffing while reading this book and I was on the receiving end of plenty of strange looks. I was just completely stuck in Penny’s head and didn’t want to finish as soon as I did.

There is some great wisdom in here that *every* woman needs to know…”Simply put, if a boy wants to love you, he will. You cannon force it. Trying to only makes you appear weak, and women are infinitely more powerful than they could possibly comprehend.

These are my Happily Ever After Novel Thoughts.


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