The Fabulist by Dawn L. Chiletz #Review

Fabulist (fabyələst): a liar, especially a person who invents elaborate, dishonest stories 

After losing her job and her apartment, Samantha Wittaker takes a leap of faith when she tries out for The Fabulist, a new reality TV show promising a prize well worth the risk. Her sexy, tough as nails personality attracts more than just the attention of the producers. She also catches the eye of a couple of contestants as well as a hot, challenging cameraman.

The twists and turns of reality TV are like nothing she ever even imagined. Deception, danger, love and lust lurk at every turn.

Sometimes people lie. They lie to save themselves or to cover a truth. They lie to protect feelings or to protect hearts.

Not all lies are bad. Or are they?

Can Sam play the game or will the game play her?




5 stars

Do you *love* reality television?

Do you *love* not knowing what will happen at the next turn?

Do you *love* when your hero and heroine love to bicker and argue and fight each other and their feelings?

“I appreciate mystery and suspense. I excel at the art of surprise. Don’t underestimate me. Don’t assume I’m not listening. Don’t assume I won’t know your move before you make it. And most importantly, don’t assume I’m telling the truth. I have my reasons for everything I do. You’ll know them soon enough. After all, I am the Fabulist.”

That excerpt right there accurately sums up the entire novel for me. You will be on the edge of your seat, staying up late, wanting to call into work to know what happens on the next page. You will feel the passion that Sam has for life jumping off of the pages at you. You will be her, you will root for her, your heart will break for and your heart will feel with pride and burst with love for and this novel.

“…because it’s always been and always will be the absolute truth.”


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