Lane Chronicles by Andris Bear #Review #BoxSet

Lane Chronicles (Scandal Book 4) by [Bear, Andris]

This BOX SET includes Lovers Lane, Memory Lane, and Dead End Lane

After her sister is attacked and left clinging to life, Roxana Lane vows revenge on the man responsible. But the closer she gets, the more detective Nathan Scott watches her every move. With his piercing eyes that seem to miss nothing, Roxy finds it harder and harder to hide her secrets… and stay out of his arms.

A contradictory mix of strength and vulnerability, Roxy is a conflict of interest that fascinates him on every level. But when the sexy amateur sleuth uncovers Scandal’s dark underbelly, he must choose between the woman he wants and the law he serves.

The man who put Roxy Lane’s sister in a coma is still living his wealthy, entitled life, hiding behind a veil of privilege and power.

The law can’t touch him. But Roxy isn’t the law, and he isn’t aware she’s watching… waiting…. For it’s not due process she wants but vengeance.

Detective Nathan Scott wants justice as much as Roxy, but with no evidence to investigate and pressure from superiors to look in another direction, the clock is ticking.

And it’s only a matter of time before the woman he’s come to care for takes matters into her own hands.

Despite Nate’s assurance that Brody Harrison is under investigation for the assault on her sister, there is an unrelenting darkness within her, demanding justice—swift, brutal justice.
But before Roxy can put her plan into motion, she stumbles upon Scandal’s dangerous underbelly. Hunter becomes prey, and Roxy must decide which is more important—vengeance… or her life.


5 stars

I don’t envy Roxy in the least!
If I were her, I probably would have already been in jail for attempted murder.

If you are a fan of the Deadly Sins series, be on the lookout for some special appearances.
This was an “OMG, what are you doing girl?” series. It keeps you on the edge wondering if Roxy has lost her marbles for sure and securing her place in prison.

Roxy is your average, everyday girl who gets a wake up call to life around her. When she decides to take things into her own hands and handle business, she is thrust into some awkward situations. She’s suspicious of Dectective Nathan Scott in more ways than one. She finds herself attracted to him, but with her way of doing business, nothing should happen between the two. If he knew the things she’s done to get to the bottom of her sister’s attack, would he arrest her and run for the hills?

Different than her Deadly Sins series, Lane Chronicals is also a great read. Dectective Nathan Scott could almost be a rival for the angels and demons on the Deadly Sins series, if he were a little taller.

Watch for my post on that series soon!!!


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