Get In The Car, Jupiter by Fisher Amelie #BuddyRead #Review



I’m weird. This isn’t news to me or anything. I have lived in a UFO my entire life. This wasn’t a coincidence. My parents believe in extraterrestrial life. You know, phone home and all that crap, and they dragged my sister Mercury and I into their mess when they named us what they named us. So it wasn’t a surprise, when after getting accepted to UW and expressing my desire to actually attend, they lamented that college is “just another ploy for the government to keep tabs on you, man.” In other words, we won’t be helping you out, Jupiter. That’s fine, though, because my best friend Frankie and I can be pretty clever chicks when we want to be. We found a way up there and it was in the form of a longtime crush, his equally cute cousin, and a kickin’ set of wheels. Buckle up, Buttercup, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Shannon and I decided to buddy read this novel after reading the blurb and the seeing this gorgeous cover!  So you will get both of our novel thoughts on this one.  We both highly recommend you buying it!

5 stars

Shannon’s Review:

Oh my flippin’ word!!i-lok-you-alwat

Wow!! I jus, I just…

“Get in the car, Jupiter!”

What a great story! I think I have a book hangover. I can’t even think enough to write a comprehensive review.

I love this book! This one goes on my favorites shelf. The ups and downs, the stupid moves, the family, the fun, the overall feelings; perfectly written to be felt rather than merely read.

I didn’t read about the trip, I experienced it with them from beginning to end. Every emotion, I felt. Every silly thing, I laughed. Every sadness and tender moment, I cried. It was a trip that was over way to soon. I would have liked a little more before the epilogue, but I know it would have only been filler and wasn’t needed.

It was a fun ride and I thank Fisher Amelie for having the creative mind to write it.

Joy’s Review:
every-secondThis is my first book by Fisher and she killed it!

Oh my Gato! I annihilated this book, I couldn’t get enough and I still want more. This novel was fresh fun, swoony, so stinking hilarious. I had a smirk on my face while reading and couldn’t get it off. I teared up a few times, not because it was sad, just had some heart felt moments.

I don’t typically read YA books, but this cover and blurb sucked me in. It was so nice not read a book where the hero and heroine were constantly ‘doing it’. Your teenage daughter could read this and you wouldn’t even have to worry about the content.

Jupiter is quirky, quick witted and brilliant. Ezra is dark and broody, and sweet and shy at times. Add in Ezra’s cousin Kai in the car with these two and you are for a fun cross country adventure!

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