A Few Good Women (Lexi Graves Mysteries Book 9) by Camilla Chafer

A Few Good Women (Lexi Graves Mysteries Book 9) by [Chafer, Camilla]Private investigator, Lexi Graves is on cloud nine. After getting engaged to her boyfriend-slash-boss, Solomon, along with her old job back, now, her best friend is about to give birth to her first baby. Nothing could make life better for Lexi… but a blast from her past could make everything a whole lot worse.

Anthony Simon Steadman isn’t a man Lexi ever thought she’d run into again. For a start, he’s her ex-fiancé. Their shock break-up left her with some crazy life decisions to live down. So when he shows up, pleading for her help, she’s not sure she’s ready to forgive and forget. Does she really want to risk getting involved in her ex’s shady doings when her own life is going so well? But after he insists someone is out to kill him, and his body disappears from a bloody crime scene, the stakes are raised. Lexi has no other choice but to find out who wanted her ex dead… besides her.

Lexi tries to solve the jerk’s murder, while unwillingly competing in a contest with her boastful sister to throw the perfect engagement party. She also has to remain available twenty-four/seven to take Lily to the hospital at a moment’s notice. Lexi’s plate is full, and the road to the aisle has never looked so long.

Lexi Graves Mysteries:
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A Few Good Women

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5 stars

A couple of months after the last book, Lexi is moving in with Solomon and trying to arrange for an engagement dinner. Lily is almost due with the baby and Lexi’s sister Serena and Delgado are engaged as well.

But then the family of Lexi’s former fiance Anthony Steadman want to hire Lexi because they think he is being framed for a crime. Lexi wants nothing to do with Anthony ever again and refuses. She focuses on a new case with Solomon. Unfortunately, Anthony keeps popping up in that case as well.

A fast read. I loved reading about Lexi, Lily, Solomon and the family again. Lexi has matured so much since the beginning of the series. Maddox has also returned to Montgomery. I like Maddox, but he is Lexi’s ex and it makes me uncomfortable he is still there. I never liked the hero-switch in book 3 and wish it had been Solomon from the start. I think a wedding is in order for the next book! So fingers crossed.

An enjoyable addition to the series!


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