Lily in Blue – Peggy Su #Review

Lily in Blue by [Su, Peggy]Lily is beautiful, smart, and newly single. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, Lily decides she wants a one-night stand. But not just any one-night stand. One that will make her toes curl and show her what the fuss is all about. Up till now, her sexual experiences have been unorgasmic encounters of the boring kind with her ex-fiance. Now, at twenty-three, Lily is given the opportunity to pursue her ultimate fantasy. One night with a sexy stranger, in the dark–blindfolded and anonymous.

It’s perfect. He’s perfect. And the sex? It is better than anything she’s ever dreamed of. Unfortunately, her perfect stranger turns out to be a neighbor, a former co-worker and her best friend’s stepbrother. He also turns out to be the one person who could destroy her peace of mind, newfound freedom, and bid for independence.

Nathan has wanted Lily since the first moment he saw her. Five years later, fate hands him a single night with Lily. A single night that turns his world upside down. Now, he wages a campaign to win her over. The problem is, he can’t figure out how to ask her out on a date.


4 stars

Janet’s Review

Lily is 23 years old and some sort of math wizard. She started college at age 15 and working for Urban End at 19. She had a boyfriend but they actually broke up a couple of years ago but she only recently moved out. She is a bit shy and socially clueless and is trying to find herself. Being so young at college has set her back a couple of years compared to other girls her age. Her friends Casey, Kiki and Grace want to help her navigate the dating world, but Lily wants to have a night with a stranger in the dark. So she does not have to worry about dating, looks etc.

Casey asks her stepbrother Nathan to help Lily out. The only reason Nathan accepts is because he once had a huge crush on Lily when he worked at Urban End 5 years ago and recognizes her from Casey’s description. Lily moved into his building and they bumped into each other and he has been trying to find out where she lives.

Nathan and Lily have a night to remember (even when she does not know who he is) but Nathan is intrigued and wants more.

I loved the book. Nathan and Lily are great characters and they have some hot scenes. It did seem every man she met was interested in Lily and hitting on her! And I did not really understand why Lily was so hesitant to commit to Nathan.

There are some interesting secondary characters screaming for their own book and I will certainly buy those.


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