Suckered: Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mysteries Book Series 9 #Reviews



The Violet Society. Are you ready?

When Lacey, Meg, and The Family find themselves buckled into airplane seats and jetting across the Atlantic Ocean, it’s not a sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride sort of flight. Between Meg’s new diet, Lacey’s feverish wedding nightmares, and an unwanted stowaway, the gang’s first trip out of the country promises to be one chaotic disaster.

As the wheels touch down in Milan, Lacey Luzzi Security Services are back in business in a serious way. The Violet Society, a group of elite, uber-stealthy criminals, have come out of hiding—and Lacey’s tasked with finding them. As if gelaterias and house wines aren’t enough of a distraction, Anthony is swept away by secret business, Carlos uncovers a friend from his past, and Nora’s convinced she’s got a new grandbaby.

Despite all this, if Lacey can’t put a stop to the thefts, her client will be out millions of dollars. Even worse? If The Violet Society finds her first, she’ll have a lot more to worry about than a few missing jewels.

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5 stars
The three of us ‘met’ through our mutual love of all things Gina LaManna, so you will get to see all or our reviews for her books!

Janet’s review:
How I love these books!

Lacey and the family are on a trip to Italy, as Lacey has a job to do for Lizabeth. There have been some jewel heists and Lacey has to protect the Miranda, a beautiful necklace designed by Lizabeth. Word is the thefts have something to do with a secret organization – The Violet Society.

While Lacey is chasing suspects she meets some intriguing people. I immediately smelled a spin-off opportunity … (Beckett!). The love between Lacey and Anthony is highlighted and I enjoyed the vivid descriptions of the Italian sights. What a great ending as well.

Every book gives us a bit more background information, this time on Carlos and Anthony. Very satisfying.

Joy’s review:
You’re going to get ‘suckered’ right into this one! You start of on a flight to Italy for another case. Of course Lacey brought the whole gang along, plus on unintentional passenger.

I really am beginning to feel like Anthony is helping Lacey to mature in ways I didn’t expect, but it the best way possible. I feel like she is finally ready to settle down and really start a family with Anthony. I still don’t know how well Meg would do with Lacey not always being available, but I am beginning to sense a new sense of maturity from her as well.

The heart to heart Lacey and Carlos had in this book really got to me. Once the case is solved you will get to read a really long epilogue in which you basically get a novella from Gina.

Speaking of maturity. I feel like Gina has really matured in her writing from Sprinkled to Suckered her writing has improved so much!

This book definitely didn’t ‘suck’.

Shannon’s review:
By now, we all know Lacey gets deep into trouble before she gets out of it. Am I wrong? I think not as evidenced by this one conversation between Lacey and Meg:

I sighed. “Someone broke into my room last night.”
“Okay,” she said patiently. “Something new? Because that happens to you all the time.”

See? Right there shows a level of skill to get into so much trouble, a break in is a regular occurrence. But, in Lacey Luzzi style, she finds her way out of it with some help from the Family and friends.

There are a few major plot spoilers I would really love to talk about, but I truly detest those who feel it’s perfectly okay to spoil a book for other in the reviews. So, on that note, please buy this book and enjoy it! When your done, drop me an email and we can talk about it and some of the wonderfulness yet to come!



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