BIRTHRIGHT 02: The TaP Team by L. j. Charles #Live #ChapterOne #Review

Birthright 02: The TaP Team by [Charles, L.j.]

Prophecies and Birthrights

Everly Gray and Tynan Pierce are at a turning point in their lives. Should they start their family as Everly’s grandmamma predicted, or is their lifestyle too dangerous and uncertain to consider raising a child? Factors affecting this life-changing decision become more complex when Everly agrees to help a former client, and TaP is entangled in furtive family secrets and a mysterious death—without a body.

Caught in the intricacies of the case, they struggle to find the right answer for their future while uncovering the familial jealousy, resentment, and entitlement seething beneath a façade of politics and wealth.

Two mothers protecting their children, and two men who believe they’re entitled to the same inheritance. The TaP Team has to find the missing body to prove their client’s innocence, and is tossed hip-deep into mothers’ love gone wrong. Will they fulfill their destiny and start a family, or is the risk too great?

*Special Sneak Peak*

And especially for my readers, here’s the first chapter…




I SAT IN front of the small safe, cross-legged, tingles racing along my spine—not that I was afraid, but I was on the brink of making a life-altering change. Every time I reached for the combination dial, I sucked in air like I’d been locked in a chokehold with light-headedness swirling at the edges of my vision.
I’d jerked my hand back five times, so maybe it was fear. Of course I knew the picture was inside. It was, after all, the reason I’d been hanging out in front of the safe for the past twenty minutes. The sketch resting on the other side of the heavy steel door was both fragile and heart-warming. My grandmother drew it thirty-two years ago, and it was the basis of the most important decision Tynan Pierce and I would ever make.
Putting my nerves on hold, I touched the cool, metal surface of the dial, shuddered, then lifted my hand and stared at the tips of my fingers. My ESP-sensitive skin picked up an image of Tynan opening the safe, and it hadn’t been that long ago. Had he been thinking about our future too? Or did he simply want to see the possibilities Grandmamma Makani Maliu had prophesied for us? I shrugged the questions off. Everything would be clear very soon.
Without allowing another thought, I entered the combination and opened the safe with a firm tug. No backing out now.
There were only two things inside: the Circle of Nine diamond ring which came to me the day Tynan and I were married, and Grandmamma’s drawing of our future children. Since our security business, the TaP Team, didn’t have any operations scheduled for the near future, it was definitely time for me to step into my heritage and wear the ring. According to Grandfather Aukele, my parents left it to me, but the history began long before they were born. The ring had belonged to a succession of my paternal grandmothers—probably for centuries—so I figured the actual timeframe was moot.
My mother-in-law explained something about the ring’s history right after Aukele gave it to me. Siofra’s words still echoed in my mind: “It’s always belonged to you. You’re the only person who can access the energy infused in the stone, because your connection to the diamond is genetic. This is your birthright, my daughter.”
The ring brought with it tremendous, weighty responsibilities, which is why I kept it locked tightly in the safe.
Until today.
Not that I didn’t have a good excuse. Tynan and I, as the TaP Team, had been busy fighting crime almost continuously since our wedding, so it made sense to keep the purple diamond safe from muddy belly-crawling, hand-to-hand combat, knife fights, and residue from my trusty Sig.
I opened the antique wooden box, and took a moment to appreciate the stone’s rare color and brilliance. There was no question Siofra was right about the power it had gathered over the span of its existence, including some from my family, and some from Tynan’s Circle of Nine heritage.
I slid it on the middle finger of my right hand, then held it up to catch the sunlight streaming through the blinds. The many facets sparkled in a rainbow of colors, blindingly beautiful. Tynan and I didn’t need anything but our love and respect for each other to bind our relationship, but this symbol came close to mirroring what I held in my heart. And the power of the diamond was founded on pure love, just as it should be.
With a sigh, I tucked the antique box back in the safe. My pulse spiked a notch when I carefully lifted out the drawing of our potential children. Two boys and a girl. I closed the safe, stood, and carried the drawing into the kitchen, then centered it on the breakfast island. The diamond on my right hand flashed when I traced the oldest boy’s face with the tip of my index finger. Our firstborn son. Carefully I touched the smile on our second-born son. He wasn’t much younger, maybe a year or two. We’d be busy with two little Tynan clones running around the house. Without thought, my fingertip moved to our youngest child. Our daughter. She wore an impish grin that reminded me of Siofra, so she would definitely be a handful. I sent a hug and a promise to each of them. “I’ll do my best to be a good mom.”
Out-of-control shivers spun through me, and I caught my bottom lip between my teeth. Was I ready to be a mom?
I rubbed the surface of the diamond, and a deep, internal smile blossomed.
Today was my thirty-sixth birthday, and damn it all, I was ready.

5 stars

It seems that ever since Everly Gray and Tynan Pierce returned to Hawaii, gotten married, and started the TaP Team, Everly has yet to have a nice relaxing day and her birthday is no exception. Annie Jameson Martin, Everly’s best friend, has plans to make sure Everly gets to relax, but those plans are shot when they see Katelan Finn, former client of Everly’s, and she needs help. She’s in trouble and doesn’t have a clue as to how deep, but she does think her life and freedom are hanging in the balance. Not to leave a friend in peril, Everly agrees to offer the help of the TaP Team.

This story lures you into the action and leaves you wanting to know more. I read it in two sittings, but only because at 2 am, I decided I needed to get some sleep before my little boy got up at 6:30. I was so engrossed in the details, I didn’t realize the time had gotten away from me! I enjoy travelling along with Pierce and Everly because their love and missions are always exciting. Even the seemingly innocuous missions tend to turn deadly for someone on the team or the person they are working for. Surprises abound in this novel, especially in the Offsides with Pierce.

L.j. Charles captures the essence of Hawaii beautifully. While reading her novels, you feel as if you are actually there with the characters; smelling the abundant flowers and feeling the tropical breeze. The journey to Hawaii through Ms. Charles’ books is delightful. Grab your copy and buckle up for the ride!





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