Now That It’s You by Tawna Fenske #NewRelease #Review

About the Author:

5 stars

After two years of being angry and not grieving over a failed relationship, Meg Delaney decides to forgive her ex, get closure, and move on emotionally, only to find out she can’t. With things not working out the way she planned, she has to find closure somewhere else. Will she be able to finally put everything behind her and move on to making her dreams come true?
What a wonderfully written book! I love this story of how grief can make trivial things seem more important than they are and major things seem trivial. The stages of emotions you go through when you are grieving are evident in everyone in this story.

Written in third person, you always know what everyone feeling/thinking. When it came down to trying to pick sides, I could feel the grief on both sides and could understand the feelings of both. Thankfully, it wasn’t a drag you down, depressing read. For it to be about dealing with grief and life in general, there is a bit of light-hearted comedy. I found myself on the verge of crying one moment to laughing in the next.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a great book with all the feelings of watching life unfold before your eyes.




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