No Such Thing as Smooth Sailing: A Brandy Alexander Romantic Comedy Novella (No Such Thing as … A Brandy Alexander Mystery Book 7) by Shelly Fredman #NewRelease #Live #Review

 No Such Thing as Smooth Sailing: A Brandy Alexander Romantic Comedy Novella (No Such Thing as ... A Brandy Alexander Mystery Book 7) by [Fredman, Shelly]It’s Christmas Eve, and native Philadelphian, world-class friend, and champion of the underdog Brandy Alexander has just been asked by her boyfriend, sexy and street-wise Nick Santiago, to add “wife” to her impressive list of descriptors. But, from the outset, it’s not exactly smooth sailing for the pair.

Brandy loves Nick and wants to build a life with him. However, her issues with change, unresolved feelings for her former flame, police detective Bobby DiCarlo, and Nick’s dangerous and mysterious line of work complicate their lives together. Meanwhile, Brandy and Nick aren’t the only ones in choppy waters, as everyone in Brandy’s colorful group of friends and family all seem to be in the process of breaking up, making up, or hooking up. Even with her own relationship to sort out, Brandy dives into helping her friends with their romantic woes, including making sure her uncle Frankie and his fiancé Carla find Carla’s missing cousin “Benny the Gun Runner,” since their nuptials won’t go forward until Benny is home safe and sound. Friendship, love, change, and a little bit of mystery are the driving forces in this funny, sentimental farewell novella which bids ahoy to Brandy and her friends.

5 stars
Alas, this is the last book (novella actually) in the No Such Thing-series with Brandy Alexander. I once binge-read a couple of the books and was totally worn out afterwards, because they are certainly a rollercoasterride.

Brandy and Nick look forward to their future. There is no big mystery in this concluding novel, just a small one and easily solved. It is more about Brandy struggling with the changes that are needed to commit to Nick. What about her house, what about Bobby DiCarlo…. While New Year’s Eve is arriving fast, will Brandy and Nick have their HEA?

I have enjoyed this series and loved this ending. Although we would wish for a series to go on forever, it is very nice to have a conclusion. So thanks to Shelly Fredman for giving us Brandy and her antics!


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