The Hunger Pains (An Eat, Pray, Die Humorous Mystery Book 2) by Chelsea Field #NewRelease #Review #5Stars

The Hunger Pains (An Eat, Pray, Die Humorous Mystery Book 2) by [Field, Chelsea]A fresh and funny romantic mystery with a clever, sassy sleuth and more trouble than even a triple batch of cookies can fix…

Isobel Avery is on her second assignment as an undercover poison taster for Los Angeles’s rich and famous. And she’s actually enjoying herself. Until her sweet, agoraphobic client mysteriously leaves the safety of his apartment and winds up dead.

When crucial evidence goes missing, investigator Connor Stiles will need Izzy’s inside knowledge to help track down the killer. But despite three months of absence to make Connor’s heart grow fonder, he doesn’t seem pleased to be working with her again. The LAPD commander is even less pleased to have Izzy on the case since he considers her a suspect and, even worse, a mere civilian. To top it all off, her least favorite relative in the whole wide world drops by for an unexpected visit.

Meanwhile, the killer is destroying anything that might link back to them. Including Izzy if she’s not careful.

In this fun-packed romantic sequel to Eat, Pray, Die, join Izzy as she learns where she stands with the enigmatic Connor and tries to put another bad guy behind bars.

5 stars

It’s almost 3 months after the events in book 1 and Isobel (‘Izzy’) is enjoying her second assignment as poison taster for the secret Taste Society. Her client is a very sweet man, Earnest Dunst, who hardly ever leaves his apartment and runs a website, Busileaks, which exposes companies. Izzy is shocked when she finds Earnest dead and is determined to find his killer.

Cue Connor, who investigates the case and whom she has not seen for 3 months.  They have to cooperate with Commander Hunt of the LAPD. Besides Hunt threatening to throw her in jail for interfering, Izzy has to deal with her visiting aunt and cousin and the confusing signals Connor is giving her.

For me this is another winner. I love books like this, with a quirky heroine who is warm and loving and smart enough to puzzle a case and follow hunches. I hope the next one is published soon and there will be many more.



Eat, Pray, Die (An Eat, Pray, Die Humorous Mystery Book 1) by Chelsea Field


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