Anti Stepbrother by Tijan #BookTour #Review #Giveaway

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Arrogant. Smug. Alpha.
He was also to-die-for gorgeous,
and my stepbrother’s fraternity brother.

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My Review
5 stars

I don’t know if I can accurately describe what I was feeling while I was devouring this novel. But, here goes my best shot.

Summer’s father married the mother of her high school crush, Kevin. He is a serial dater and the one time he comes home from college alone they finally hook up, she imagines that once she starts college that the two of them will start dating.

Summer goes to university a little early planning to stay with Kevin, but finds a surprise she didn’t like instead, so she sneaks away only to be confronted by ‘*sshole’, Caden. And his snake tattoo. I would love to tell you more and wax poetic about it, but I really don’t want to give too much away.

Summer is hilarious, and awkward and a rhyming machine. She will just say whatever comes to her mind and never backs down from a challenge and I instantly had a girl crush on her. My heart was seized from time to time while reading. Tijan effectively broke my heart and put it back together again. All in the best way possible. Tijan has this way of writing that I can feel a whole host of emotions within a few sentences.

If you adore Tijan’s work you will inhale this like I did.



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