The Hindleford Killer (The Psychic Eye Mysteries Book 1) by Danielle Rose-West #Review

The Hindleford Killer (The Psychic Eye Mysteries Book 1) by [Rose-West, Danielle]When Paige Saunders wakes up from a dark and terrifying dream, she knows it is no mere nightmare. For Paige is no ordinary woman. Born with a strong psychic gift, Paige can see deep into secrets and things others would rather she didn’t know. Having cost her dearly in the past, Paige has ignored her gift for five long years. Now her gift is speaking to her in ways it never has before.

With a dangerous serial killer on the loose in the nearby town, Paige is very much afraid she is being drawn into the investigation. Why does she feel a strong connection to the investigating detective? Why is her gift showing her the crimes of a sick and deranged man? She wants nothing to do with any of it……..then someone close to her dies.

With no seeming connection to the killer at large, the police are treating the latest death as a separate incident. Paige is the only one who knows the truth. The victim knew who the serial killer was and was silenced. Can she get Detective Steele to listen to her or will he dismiss her abilities as those of a charlatan?

With time running out, Paige knows she is the only one who can unmask the Hindleford killer before he strikes again…..

4 stars

Very nicely done mystery. Paige has a gift of seeing things but it has brought her much pain and sadness. She has left London to live in a small town and tries to leave that part of her behind. When a serial killer seems to stalk the women of the neighbouring town, Paiges gift emerges once again. Detective Steele is sceptical at first, but ready to work with Paige to catch the killer.

The story is tight, I liked the way it was executed. I somehow missed an emotional connection to the characters. It seems Paige and Kieran Steele will be involved in the next book(s). Pity there is no updated website or Facebookpage of the author to find out about upcoming books. I would be interested in reading the next book.




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