Eat, Pray, Die (An Eat, Pray, Die Humorous Mystery Book 1) by Chelsea Field

Eat, Pray, Die (An Eat, Pray, Die Humorous Mystery Book 1) by [Field, Chelsea]

Being an undercover poison taster for the rich and famous might sound glamorous, but for Isobel Avery it means stomaching bad clients and even worse coffee.

The one side of the job that lives up to expectations is the money. Which is just as well for Izzy, since she needs an awful lot of it. Who knew when she made a lifelong commitment to a man that it would be one year living with him and the rest of her life paying for it?

But even her scoundrel ex-husband doesn’t look so bad compared to her new client. He’s competent, condescending, and annoyingly attractive, and Izzy doesn’t know whether to sleep with him or poison him herself. Throw in a loan shark, a nosy neighbor, and a murder attempt, and Izzy will have her work cut out for her.

If you like fast-paced, feel-good humorous mysteries with an intelligent heroine and a generous dash of romance, you’ll love this new series. Tuck yourself into your favorite spot and join Izzy on her first adventure!


Chelsea FieldChelsea Field has lived an exciting life for an introvert.

She’s fallen off a galloping racehorse, faced down dozens of Australia’s most dangerous animals (including vicious roosters, for those of you who’ve read EAT, PRAY, DIE), and while she’s never sold buns or coffee for a living like her protagonist, she’s consumed plenty of both.

Yes, all of those points are about animals or food. I told you she’s an introvert.

After writing a romantic comedy (no, you can’t read it) where the hero was a photographer from Burnside and then meeting and marrying a photographer from Burnside a few years later, she’s a little worried her writing has weird prophetic fate-like powers. So she makes sure nothing too bad ever happens to her characters, just in case life decides to imitate fiction again.

You can get to know her better at As the middle child of five, she’s used to being ignored, though, so don’t sweat it.

5 stars

Wow, a new favorite! It has a fresh new perspective.

Izzie (Isobel) is Australian and has moved to LA to be trained for a new job and to get away from a loan shark her ex husband saddled her with. The book starts when Izzie is starting her first assignment as a Shade, a professional poison taster for the rich and famous who are afraid someone is out to kill them. She has been trained for months to detect all kinds of poisons and works for a secret but powerful organization.

When one of her colleague Shades is in mortal danger, Izzie and investigator Connor try to find out who poisoned her and why.

This was a very entertaining read and I loved the banter between Isobel and Connor. Only 4 chapters in I pre-ordered the next book. I highly recommend.



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