Alien Morsels (Zerconian Warriors-series) by Sadie Carter


Revisit the sexy, Alpha warriors and their strong, funny women in these short morsels.
Zoey and Dex
Feeling like she’s been pregnant forever, Zoey is uncomfortable, grumpy and if one more piece of advice comes out of her mother-in-law’s mouth she’s going to explode!
It seemed like the moment she became pregnant, she ceased being Zoey and became a baby-carrier. Will Dex ever want her again? Or is their sex life completely dried up?

Mila and Koran
Tackling her new job of human ambassador to Zerconia, Mila knows she has a lot of hurdles in her path. Nerves threaten to get the better of her, but she knows her big, gruff Alpha mate will always have her back.
No matter what sort of threats come their way.

Willa and Darac
Life on Zerconia is much easier, simpler, yet Willa misses the action of her old life. It doesn’t help that she feels like he’s pulling away and right before their mating ceremony.
What is he hiding?
Please note: To fully enjoy this book, it is best read as part of the series. This novella has storylines that lead on to Alien Mine which will be released on Sept, 1st.
Pre-order for Alien Mine now available!

4 stars

The Zerconian Warriors-series is one of my favorites. I loved the Dex/Zoey stories, but thorougly enjoyed the sequels as well.  I highly recommend them.

In this short in-between story Zoey is at the end of her pregnancy. Tired and a bit depressed she is fortunate to have the friendship of Mila and Willa. We get more story for all 3 couples and how they are doing on Zerconia.

It also sets the stage for the next book in the series with hunky doctor Thor and Lucy as something disastrous happens and changes everything for Zerconia and our couples.

This is a great series with some steamy scenes. The next book, Alien Mine, is set to be published August 30 and promises to be another exciting addition.



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