Hanging Pawns (The Fate Series Book 2) by Emersyn Vallis


We all have choices in life… paths to take… roads to follow….
It’s on those journeys that fate finds us and takes us where we need to be… Without a second glance we can be taken away from things we know… “people we love” and given a new life…
One that can change us… save us…
What would you do if fate dropped you at a crossroads? Would you go back? Or would you run like hell the other way?

*Author’s Note: This book is told from a different point of view and is said to be more like a prequel to Adjournment. This book will also answer a lot of questions you were left with from Adjournment. Sidney and Simon’s story continues in Sacrifice and End Game.

4 stars

In this story, you learn a bit more about Simon, but from an outsider’s POV. You get a better feel of what Simon was going through emotionally and physically while learning a lot more about the families.

This is Mea’s story of how she met Josh back in college and the circumstances surrounding everyone.

Mea and Josh have a wonderful chemistry and are a superb couple. They meet in the registration line the day before classes start and the wooing begins. I love the friendship that was formed between the two before they became a couple. It didn’t feel forced, faked, or rushed. Mea has had her share of heartbreak in her short life and finds out some major secrets surrounding her she didn’t even know about.
I’m happy to have gotten a chance to get to know Mea and Josh.


Adjournment (The Fate Series Book 1) by Emersyn Vallis

Sacrifice (The Fate Series) (Volume 3) by Emersyn Vallis

End Game (The Fate Series Book 4) by Emersyn Vallis


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