Fiction Vs Reality – Heroes

Let’s talk about some of our favorite heroes, you know what I’m talking about, the stubborn alpha male that is sensitive, a bad boy with a heart of gold, who isn’t afraid to make the grand gestures and then screw your brains out all night.

So as much as I love these men in theory, if I were to meet one of these men in real life I would probably run the other way.

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Let’s start with my favorite book boyfriend of all time, Kade Dennon, from the Kathleen Turner Series by Tiffany Snow. He is the ultimate bad boy with a heart of gold. He is a hit-man, a hired gun, an assassin. I love everything about this man! He tells Kathleen that she tastes like cotton candy and that she smells like summer after a rain shower (I am paraphrasing and these lines may not be exact.) He will do whatever he can, no matter the cost to protect her. He is dark and mysterious with bright blue eyes. Kathleen likens him to her fallen angel.

                 “I’m like poison to you. A death trap.”

                “Not true,” I managed, burying my finger in his inky-black hair. Kade was my fallen angel, had always been. My protector. My dark knight in black armor. I just had to convince him.


If I were warned off on numerous occasions that this man is bad news and that I shouldn’t get involved with because he was a gun for hire, guess what? I would straight run eff away! I’m sorry, no matter how dreamy this man is if I were to meet a legit assassin, knowingly, I would probably pee my pants or faint.

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*JEALOUS/ POSSESSIVE BOOK BOYFRIEND* (Not psycho controlling you can’t leave the house type)

We all adore that possessive, jealous book boyfriend, right? Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and wanted? Like the boys from the Pucked Series by Helena Hunting. You know, Alex, Miller and Randy?   Yes, we all love when they go all Alpha and defend us like Randy did for Lily in Pucked Up because her ex was talking terribly to her and making her feel like sh*t.  Just overall these three men love their women something fierce and make it known to any man and that she belongs to him. I seriously love this as a quality for my book boyfriends. I have rated all of these books 4 or 5 stars! I mean Randy Balls? If you haven’t read his book you need to grab it and read it IMMEDIATELY!

                  Randy thumbs over his shoulder at Lily. “You’ve been following her around the house like an untrained puppy for the past twenty minutes, needling the shit out of her right in front of me. Maybe it’s time you take a fucking hint and leave like she’s been asking you to.”
“I’m not going anywhere.”
“You sure about that?” Randy cracks his knuckles.
“ I have a brown belt in karate.”
“And I have a black best in kick your fucking ass.


When guys try to act all macho and caveman toward me in real life I roll my eyes and tell them to back up that I can handle it. Ah hell! What do I know?… I’ve never dated a jealous guy before so I’m just going to say this is hot and when  it happens to me in reality I will come back to this post and update it. HAHAHAHA.

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We all love them; we all swoon over the thought of them. And my favorite grand gesture was written by Rachel Hollis in Smart Girl. You should pick this book and read if nothing else just to read about this grand gesture.

“It’s a grand gesture.” He takes hold of my hand. “I’ve never made one before. How am I doing?”
I laugh and sniffle. “Oh, not bad.”
I look back at everyone watching us, hanging on each and each word. “You brought in all kinds of help.”
He nods and his expression grows serious. “I wanted everyone to see. I wanted you to know that everyone knows that I’m in love with you.”

We all love this kind of thing, seriously grand gestures are like crack to women’s hearts!  This is why The Notebook is on the best movies of all times.  We all want one and we deserve one.


Once again. Single girl status. Can’t say how I would feel one way or the other because I’ve never had a grand gesture, but I will tell you this. I had a guy I dated in high school write me some pretty sappy notes and I just laughed at him. Granted I was really immature but when I get my sappy grand gesture I sure hope I’m not laughing!

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Be sure to check back, I’ll continue to add more as they come to me!! 🙂 I’ll also Tweet and Facebook about it to let you know if/when I add to it.  If you have some you want to mention leave me a comment!


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