Waking Olivia by Elizabeth O’Roarke

Waking Olivia by [O'Roark, Elizabeth]A beautiful track star with a dangerous secret.
The one man capable of saving her.
And an attraction that could destroy them both. 

Young college track coach Will Langstrom is struggling. Hit hard by his father’s death and suffocated by his responsibilities, the last thing he needs is Olivia, a “too hot for her own good” track star with a smart mouth and a strong right hook.

But Olivia is struggling too, in ways no one knows. And with each secret he uncovers, Will grows more determined to save her. And to resist an attraction that could destroy them both.


5 stars

Olivia is a talented runner. However, she has a temper and after a nasty incident she is transferred to another school where she is running in a lower category, but still has a scholarship. Her new coach is Will, who dislikes Olivia because of her history. Will is young (24 to her almost 21) and coaches as a second job while tending to his mother’s farm.

But there is much more to Olivia than meets the eye. Olivia is a troubled young woman with horrid nightmares. And during those nightmares, she sleepruns. She runs miles and miles and often wakes up somewhere unknown. Because of her nightly activities, she sometimes performs very bad at trainings and meets and Will finds out. He sees her talent and wants to help, not just for the school but also because he knows what it is to have a dream. His dreams were shattered when his father died and he was burdened with the farm and paying for his younger brothers’ tuition.

This is a long book. Long in chapters, but it also has many layers and stories. It is about Olivia’s history (gruesome!), their forbidden attraction, Will’s burdens and desires and making choices in life.

I loved the book. After the first 30 chapters I had a feeling it was too long, but then the plot took a turn and there was indeed much more to tell. So I recommend for those who enjoy the longer stories and don’t mind the slow burn. There is a dual POV of Will/Olivia. Nice epilogue in the future.





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