Stroked (Stroked #1) by Meghan Quinn


The plot for this book is different than any book I’ve read. There is sort of a love triangle between our hero, Reese, the heroine, Paisley aka Mauve and the villainess, Bellini.


Reality star, Bellini Chambers is ‘dating’ Reese King, Olympic swimmer on her reality show to help rebuild his character once he retires after the Rio Olympics. Paisley who is trying to make it back into television production after “the incident” has to start at the bottom to get back to where she was, even if that means she is the assistant to entitled and ignorant, Bellini. The job is going to prove to be more difficult than she thought when there is instant chemistry with Reese.

I laughed out loud a bunch while reading this(which I’ve come to expect with a comedy written by Meghan), I got chills when reading about Reese entering the opening ceremonies and before and after his races, I teared up like I was actually there watching him when and feeling his and Paisley’s joy. 4 stars

Bellini should be a character that we love to hate, but to me she was just a bit over the top and annoying instead of hateful. Although, she had some very creative insults. I found her selfcenteredness made her ignorant. SO I guess, I actually did love to hate her.

The friendships and bonds created in this book were on point. With Reese and his best friends, Paisley and the new friendships she formed and even Bellini and Pocket was an interesting friendship.

If you want an interesting, fun, emotional and book about a sexy swimmer with a tangled web of lies and deceit this is the book for you.

Stroked by Meghan Quinn Release Blitz


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