An Evening with Katherine Stevens

I had a opportunity last week to sit down and talk with Katherine Stevens, author of Going Down. (You might have even watched our live video on Facebook.)  I had a great time, she was hilarious and had a ton of stories to share with me.  I wish we would have had more time to sit and talk. Alas, we had both had to go and be mom’s but it was nice to take a break and sit down and talk books.” target=”_blank”>Watch our video here!

Joy: I read in your bio that you have kids, how many do you have?

Katherine: I have a teenager & a preschooler. I’m very tired.

Joy: Do you have any parenting advice?

Katherine: We’re all faking it. No one has any clue what they’re doing. We’re all making it up as we go along & hoping it’s either right or our kids’ therapists can fix it later.

Joy:  What project are you currently working on?

Katherine: I’m working on Going Up. It will be a standalone in The Elevator Series. The publication date will be early 2017, if I can keep my act together.

Joy: I can’t wait to read it! Are you currently reading anything?

Katherine:  Yes, I’m currently reading Anything But Love by Daisy Prescott & I’m about to start Bootie Camp by Debra Anastasia. Both are AMAZING authors & everyone should buy all their books.

Joy: Do you read multiple genres?

Katherine: I love the classics & nonfiction, so I read a lot of those when I have time. I wish I could cut out sleeping entirely so I could read more.

Joy: Don’t we all? Speaking of cutting out sleep, do you have any strange writing habits?

Katherine: I have to write in complete silence. I know that’s some serial killer stuff there. I can’t have music or any background sound. I’m too easily distracted.

Joy: Going Down is set in NYC, have you lived in or visited the New York to get the location/setting for the book? Or did you research online?

Katherine: I visited for the first time last year and had the best time. I saw an enormous amount of the boroughs in 3 days & researched things online that I couldn’t remember.

Joy: Who was the inspiration behind CiCi in Going Down?

Katherine: She’s a little bit of me, but then I took her to another level. I’m very Type A personality and several of the embarrassing stories are taken from my life experiences. Those are stories for another time.

Joy: How did you come up with all of the innuendos in the book? Have they always bounced around in your head? My favorite is ‘Womb Broom’. Do you have a favorite?

Katherine: Jizz Cannon is my favorite right now. I found a few online, but made up most of them. My brain is weird. I would think of them randomly and ask Siri to make a note of it for me.  You would be shocked at the amount that I removed during editing.

Joy: Was it always your intention for Going Down to be a series? Or did you fall in love with the book so much while writing it that you were inspired to keep going with it?

Katherine: I never intended to publish Going Down at all originally. After writing most of it, I had some ideas for spin off novels & did some pretty major re-writes to allow room for other characters’ stories. They are a fun group to write.

Joy: When can we anticipate the next book in the Elevator series?

Katherine: Getting Off is a novella of Cole & Cici’s story. That will be published early this fall. It will be the only book in the series that is not a standalone. (Unless I change my mind.)

Joy: You had the opportunity of  working with a lot of authors on Felony Ever After, how was it collaborating with them?

Katherine: It was so much fun. It was a really great writing exercise. I was stuck on Going Down, and after writing my chapters the creative juices started flowing.

Joy: How did you get connected with that group of authors?

Katherine: Debra Anastasia pulled me in like a mafia boss. I’m very grateful they let me come play with them. (That sounds wrong, but I stick by it.) 

Joy: How did you decide what would be in the box? (Note: no spoilers in the answer)

Katherine: When I found out there was no actual plan for what was in the boxes & the other authors had been adding random, silly clues, I went with the first thing that popped into my head. Debra & Helena Hunting (our ringleaders and author herders) were given veto power, but they didn’t stop me. So everyone should blame them. I can’t be left unattended.

This was my first author interview and I had an absolute blast, y’all need to pick up her books!

Here is my review for Going Down

Going Down

Felony Ever After

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