The Smart/Geeky Heroine

I adore books with a smart heroine.

The girl who hacks into an FBI database or puzzles her way out of a complicated set-up. Mostly they are portrayed as a bit (ok.. a lot) geeky, socially awkward, shy and – of course! – secretly beautiful. But they can use brainpower and save the day. Extra points when they also save the hero.


Smart is sexy!


Some of my favorite smart heroines are:


1. Lexi Carmichael – Lexi Carmichael Mysteries by Julie Moffett.

2. Janie Morris – Neanderthal seeks Human et all (Knitting in the City) by Penny Reid

3. Kaitlyn Parker – Elements of Chemistry-series by Penny Reid

4. Mia Connors – A Geek Girl’s Guide to… by Julie Anne Lindsey

5. Annie Cantrel – The Hooker and the Hermit (Rugby #1) by Penny Reid

Gah, you can see I am a fan of Penny Reid 🙂


There must be so many other smart, brainy, lovely heroines out there.

Do you have a favorite or favorites?

Let us know!


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