One Little Wish by Gina LaManna

Dear Diary, One Little wish cover
I know three things:

1. I didn’t kill anyone.
2. Mack Montgomery is a troublemaker.
3. I am running out of time.

You’ve got to believe me, Diary. I didn’t have anything to do with those murders, I promise you. For crying out loud, I’m the only person in this tiny Texas town who doesn’t own a gun! But I can’t help feeling like someone is out to get me. The only question is who…and why.

While we’re at it, let’s get one other thing straight. None of this would have happened if it weren’t for the shadow called Mack Montgomery. That man may be hot-as-sin and the talk of the high school reunion, but let me tell you one thing. He is up to something, Diary. He is so full of questions, yet somehow, I can’t seem to find one single answer. One second he’s breaking into my house and accusing me of murder, and the next, he’s turned those soft baby blues on me, making my stomach do all sorts of somersaults.

I’m running low on time, Diary. If I can’t find the murderer, and if Mack Montgomery doesn’t go back to where he belongs… I’m afraid that my one little wish may never come true.


5 stars

Janet’s review: Scarlett has lived in Luck, Texas all her life. Luck is a small community and once in every 10 year there is a Reunion everyone looks forward to. All the people that have left the town will come back to party; her best friend Noelle one of them. And, as Scarlett finds out very quickly, so is Mack. Mack, who has left her 10 years ago… But the return of the love of her life is not all Scarlett has to contend with. There is a murder in town and Scarlett finds the body. And with this discovery all kind of bad things happen to Scarlett. Is Mack involved?

The book revolves mostly around Scarlett and her view on things (through diary entries).
At first I did not understand why she stayed in Luck with all those biased people, but it is explained later on. There is a very nice fuzzy feeling to the story and the writing style is as pleasant as always. It is quite different from the Lacey Luzzi stories as far as setting and personalities go, but it is the Gina LaManna style I recognize.

Not everything is revealed and explained, but there will be more Scarlett/Mack books and the author has a very clever way to weave background information into the ongoing story, so I look forward to the next!

Shannon’s review: I procrastinated over reading this book and couldn’t figure out why. I realized that I never put reading one of Gina LaManna’s book before, so why was I putting this one off? I didn’t want to be interrupted and have to put it down for any reason!
We met Mack Montgomery in Lacey Luzzi: Seasoned and this has an in-depth look at his character. We also meet Scarlett, the main character of this story from fictional Luck, Texas.
It is another wonderfully written story. It has everything I think makes a great story! There’s mystery, humor, heart tugs, and a little bit of romance to make the characters feel real.
Joy’s review: Ahhh! I loved this book! This the newest series, by Gina LaManna, and it take place in a small town in Texas. It has every single thing I look for in a book. Murder. Love. Mystery. Humor.

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