The Man, The Game, The Baby by London Casey

They hired her to keep me out of jail. Now she’s carrying my baby…

Roman Knight. You know the name. You know the reputation… on and off the field. There’s not a pass I can’t complete or a woman I can’t charm. I’m the highest paid quarterback in the league. But I’m one bar fight away from jail. Now my people have hired some lawyer to try to control me. Yeah, right. I know she’s going to last about as long as all my other lawyers.

Right up until I meet her.

As soon as I lay eyes on Willow, I know I have to have her… in my bed and in my life. I always get what I want, and this time, I end up with a little more than planned. Willow is pregnant… and if that’s not shocking enough, a late night incident results in a murder charge being thrown my way. I’m left with a choice – rat on an old friend or go to jail.

If I want a real life, and a family… I’m going to have to fight for it.

4 stars

*** If you do not like to read the F word, you will not enjoy this book. In fact, Roman Knight says “F*ck. That’s all I’ve got. F*ck. That’s my favorite word.” The word is used close to 500 times… you have been warned.”

If you can get past that, and I could you will enjoy this sweet romance, I finished it in a day and I had to know what would happen next!

Roman Knight is the bad boy quarterback, with an abusive past and he takes it out on people looking to fight at bars.

 Willow is a strong willed lawyer who lost her mom at a young age and an absentee father so she swore she would never be in a relationship again.

Willow failed on a big case and instead of being fired she has to baby sit the sexiest player in the NFL and be his distraction so that he doesn’t go to jail.

 Will getting close to the QB build her career or will she fall in love and ruin all that she has worked for?

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