Stripped Bare by Emma Hart #Review

Stripped Bare cover

Stripped BareCocky.

Those four words all summed up West Rykman perfectly.
So did filthy, dirty, sexy, and addictive.
He was supposed to be my one night stand…not my new marketing client.
He was definitely not supposed to be back inside my pants, not that anybody told him that.
I knew one thing: What West Rykman wanted, West Rykman got.
And he wanted me.

What happens in Vegas… might just make you stay.

This was my first book by Emma that wasn’t part of the Holly Woods Files and I absolutely adored it!

Mia is on point as a person and extremely relatable to me me. She over thought everything. Seriously, what woman doesn’t over think everything especially when things are going so well and the guy seems too good to be true?

She envisions every worst case scenario and it made her feel real to me because that is exactly what I do.

West… oh west is one hot piece of man meat and always knows what to say. Knows when to step back and when to push Mia. No matter how many times she tries to push him away and keep things on a professional level he is there to remind her how perfect they are together.

Just beware that you will want to dive into ‘Stripped Down’ as soon as your finish this book. This is Beck’s book, West’s business partner. And there is a bit of a cliff hanger.


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