Pirate Bound: A Prequel (Telepathic Space Pirates) by Carysa Locke

A desperate gamble…

Sanah would do anything to protect her little sister, even if it means taking refuge with ruthless pirates. But the psychically Talented pirates terrorizing Commonwealth space are not quite the monsters she has been led to believe. When Sanah’s empathic gift shows her the truth behind the stories, she is no longer certain who the villains are in her world.

A race on the verge of extinction…

Dem’s only goal is to protect his people, especially since a deadly bio-weapon decimated their population. Only a handful of women survived, and every day is a fight to rebuild. With Sanah’s empathy and her sister’s rare ability to heal, they could be the salvation Dem and his people have been looking for.

A dangerous secret that could destroy everything…

But how can Sanah trust Dem with her life? Especially when he’d kill her if he knew the truth.

Pirate Bound is a short prequel novel to the Telepathic Space Pirates series. It is a standalone story within the series.

5 stars

For those into Sci-Fi romance (with steam). This is a debut by Carysa Locke (a writing duo) and well written.

It’s a short but complete story, a prequel to a new series. Sanah and her sister are on the run from their dangerous brother when they meet the pirates that live on the fringe of their society. The pirate King and his Security Chief, Dem, assure the sisters they will be safe. The pirates themselves are at war with the world the sisters come from.

There is enough world building and the Talents are explained. Dem has very unique Talents and this makes his attraction to Sanah dangerous.

I liked Sanah and Dem together. Although short, it is romantic and very interesting.

I pre-ordered the first book, Pirate Nemesis, to be published August 2, 2016. I can’t wait.

Pick up your copy: https://www.amazon.com/Pirate-Bound-Prequel-Telepathic-Pirates/dp/1523859113/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8


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