Lovers Are Gonna Hate

I have been binge reading enemies to lover’s romances and a few titles have specifically caught my attention, To Hate Adam Connor by Ella Maise, Hayden, I Hate You by Kristen Flowers and Dear Heart, I Hate You by J. Sterling.

It got me thinking that there is so much passion in both loving and hating someone. It takes a lot of time and effort to do both continuously, neither come effortlessly. In each of the books I have read, the heroes have done something to turn the heroine’s life completely upside down. The heroine of course, being the strong independent woman that she is, gets pissed. How dare a man go and do something to her life?!? This fuels the fire and vehemence towards this man that took things out of her control. Of course, at the same time the heroines are developing this sense of resentment toward this man ,so beautiful and you can’t help but drool over them a little.

– Tug of War –

I love the inner dialogue and struggles that these heroines have within themselves. It is difficult to ignore and have apathy for someone when you have such a strong feeling for them. Their minds were bitter and trying to convince them that this man is out to get them while they continue to battle their hormones, which start jumping up and down inciting butterflies and a tingling sensation that sets them on fire and drenches their

– Determined Men –

Once these heroes figure out that these women are their equals and that no other woman could spar with them or keep them on their toes like these women do, they come to the realization that they must do whatever it takes to convince these women that they belong together. Grand gestures, and being stubborn and waiting the woman out so that she knows he isn’t going anywhere are just a few ways they have proved their love. I find it humorous that these big bad tough men come to realization that they are in love with the women before the women can even begin to flirt with the idea that they might be falling in love.

– It’s in the Details-

I think what really makes this type of book stand out for me is the witty banter back and forth. There is not much more that I love in a novel than a heroine with a fierce independent streak who stands her ground and doesn’t allow herself to be walked all over like a doormat. And they all have a great support system comprised of their family or best friends who have their best interest at heart— and that makes me overjoyed.

There are loads of enemy to lover’s novels out there that I have relished.

Please let me know which are your favorites.




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