Dead Man’s Diamonds (A Piece of Cake Mystery) by A.R. Winters

Catching a killer is a piece of cake… Or is it?

When Mindy Macbay moves back to her hometown of Santa Verona, she soon finds herself on the receiving end of anonymous threats, and even worse, unpleasant encounters with her high school nemesis and former paramours.
Will Mindy unmask the killer before it’s too late? And will her annoying high-school nemesis manage to make Mindy’s life sufficiently miserable?


4 stars

*This is a novella

Mindy, a former Hollywood screenwriter, and her best friend, Beth, have been helping solve some cases around town when they are hired to find the murder of Tim Broker, a grumpy cafe owner.

Mindy and Beth have a great knack for finding the truth but doubt starts too set in when a high school nemesis shows up to show Mindy up. It’s a race against the clock, or rather the nemesis, to find the who and why of this case to keep their client our of jail.

This is a great, quick read. It was well written and thought out, progressing quickly. I didn’t realize I had gotten to the end so soon after starting. It took me about 2.5-3 hours too read it.

I really enjoyed it.

I can’t wait to start the next one!



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